Jul 19, 2021


If you find a puddle of water on the floor of your mechanical room, don’t panic! It may look bad but in most cases the cause of water can be easily resolved without significant damage- if caught quickly.

There are a number of possible causes for AC leaking water and many of them are not difficult or expensive to fix. However, it is very important to act quickly – as the water can cause costly damage to walls, ceilings, floors and other furnishings. Also, an air conditioner water leak may be a problem that can lead to compressor failure. Depending on the age and condition of your unit, this may mean equipment replacement.


When you discover that your AC unit is leaking water, the first thing to do is take a look at your evaporator coil. That’s the part of your indoor air handling unit that looks (as the name implies) like a coiled tube with fins. Is it covered with ice? If so, turn off the unit and let the system thaw. Ice should not be there and puts your system in danger of failure. The puddle of water on the floor is more than likely coming from the ice melting. In this instance, you will want to call a qualified HVAC service company to confirm the cause of the frozen coil, as soon as possible. Frozen coils are not problems you want to try and tackle yourself.

If you’re lucky, it might still turn out to be a simple fix like a clogged air filter that caused your evaporator coil to freeze up. Or you could have other system problems that are impeding air flow, leading to frozen coils and ultimately your AC leaking water. Even if your coil is not frozen, it’s a good idea to turn off the unit to prevent further water damage in your space. That’s especially true if your unit is on the roof or an attic or crawl space: you want to avoid damage to walls and ceilings from dripping water.

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When air conditioning maintenance is neglected, it is common to find a coating of dust and grime built up on the AC coils. When condensation collects on the exterior of the evaporator coil, it can’t flow down the coil and into the drain pan as it should due to the built up debris interfering with the flow. Moisture can become trapped and and then drip onto the surface below.

This is common and can be easily resolved by having the coils thoroughly cleaned. This can be prevented with a routine maintenance plan that includes coil cleaning. Built up grime can actually cause corrosion of these coils which in turn could lead to refrigerant leaks and possibly coil replacement.


Insulation on your coils is designed to keep the accumulated condensation flowing down the coil. When that insulation gets damaged with cracks or holes, water can drip from the coil instead of flowing as it should resulting in the AC unit leaking water, and possibly damage to your space if it’s not discovered quickly. In this case, you’ll need a professional to repair or replace the damaged insulation.


A disconnected drain line can be the result of a poorly installed system. If the condensation drain line isn’t attached correctly, or it becomes disconnected it can lead to AC water leakage. This can cause a big mess, but is a small problem to fix. To prevent the system leaking water again, have a professional HVAC service company make the repair. This will ensure it is properly attached and pitched to meet the system’s drainage needs.


Preventive maintenance will help avoid this from becoming a common cause. However, if your equipment is dirty from lack of maintenance the drain line or pan can clog causing water to overflow.

This is easily resolved and also easily avoided by performing maintenance on the AC equipment and clearing the clogged section of the drain line. The more build up of dirt and debris coating your system’s components – causes the equipment to lose efficiency. This means your unit has to run longer and work harder to cool down the space. Ultimately leading to increased wear and tear on parts, and then repairs. Preventive maintenance will keep your system running at peak performance and more efficient cooling for your space.

Learn more about air conditioning maintenance or speak with a sales team member about implementing preventive maintenance for the equipment serving your commercial space.

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